Along with our sisters and brothers in Arcatao, MASCP is committed to sustainability in our everyday lives. With that in mind, we offer a group of practical products that encourage careful use of our precious natural resources. This is the third member of this group. These are clever and  handy plastic bag holders. Rather than throw away plastic bags, you can stuff endless numbers of them into these holders , hang it in a convenient place and then reuse the bags as the occasion arises.  One of our customers stores newspaper bags in one and hangs it near the front door. She grabs a bag when she takes her dog out for a walk and never buys doggie poop bags. Other people keep it near the kitchen and use the bags for food storage or packing lunches. (After the pandemic, we will be doing that again! ) A beautiful gift that encourages recycling!

Plastic Bag Holders

  • 100% sturdy cotton. Colorfast emboridery. Machine washable.

    Cloth strap for hanging

    Elastic around the bottom for easy access