Along with our sisters and brothers in Arcatao, MASCP is committed to sustainability in our everyday lives. With that in mind, we offer a group of practical products that encourage careful use of our precious natural resources. The first is aprons for children to use when helping in the kitchen or doing messy projects. Our grandparents used aprons for good reason—it saved on washing clothes. You can do the same with these aprons for children in brightly colored 100% sturdy cotton. The embroidery on each apron is unique and decorates the top and the handy pockets. You choose the color and size and we’ll choose the design. Each apron is different. The strap at the neck is adjustable so it’ll fit a child for many years and the colors of the fabric and embroidery never run or fade in the wash. An adult/child combination makes for a beautiful and practical gift!

Embroidered Apron for Kids

SKU: 217537123517253
  • 100% sturdy cotton.  Machine washable. Pre-shrunk. Colorfast. Adjustable neck strap. 

    You choose the color and size and we’ll choose the design—they are all different.