Along with our sisters and brothers in Arcatao, MASCP is committed to sustainability in our everyday lives. With that in mind, we offer a group of practical products that encourage careful use of our precious natural resources. The second in this group are cloth table napkins with a small hand embroidered image in one corner. When you use cloth napkins, you never need to buy paper napkins again!  Some people choose an array of different colored napkins so each family member will know which one is his or hers and can use it for several meals—saving on washing at the same time.  Other customers choose a single color that goes with their color scheme and wash them more frequently. We even know of a home child care provider who has a stack of small hand embroidered MASCP napkins on the table for the children to use as needed. Feel free to mix and match colors in any way that works for your family. We’ll choose the designs—they are all different!

Embroidered Dinner Napkins

SKU: 366615376135191
  • 100% Cotton. Colorfast embroidery. Machine washable.

    You choose the color and and we’ll choose the design—they are all different.