Madison Arcatao Sister City Project of the U.S.–El Salvador Sister Cities (USESSC) network and their Salvadoran partners provide mutual support and raise awareness about our common struggle for peace, justice, and democracy. As partners, our central focus is building grassroots coalitions both locally and on an international level as we organize around common issues of sustainable agriculture, fair trade, labor and immigrant rights, and environmental preservation.


MASCP is a not-for-profit volunteer organization established in 1986 when Madison’s Common Council named Arcatao it’s first official sister city. MASCP has a core group of 10-15 members who provide basic leadership for the organization. There is a community of 150+ Friends of MASCP who participate financially and on an as-needed basis as the group’s activities require. Through the work of MASCP the people in Madison and Arcatao nurture friendships that energize them to work for social and economic justice at home and beyond the boundaries of their own countries.


MASCP also contributes to the organizing work of US El Salvador Sister Cities (USESSC)–a nation-wide organization that joins all 17 US El Salvador sister cities in efforts for friendship, understanding and positive change both north and south.