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Join us and become a part of international organizing as we create hope at a time when intolerance, hate, racial divide and isolationism have become too much a part of our national identity. Help us build bridges—not walls with our neighbors.


Here’s how you can get involved now: 

  • Sign up below for our mailing list. You’ll receive occasional informational or urgent action emails.

  • Visit and “like” our Facebook page to keep informed of current news from El Salvador and opportunities with MASCP and the wider Central American community in Madison.

  • Buy embroidered goods from the women of Arcatao. Available here in fall 2022.

  • Plan to go on a delegation to Arcatao. These will start up again after the threat of COVID 19 is past.

  • Go to the USESSC webpage to get involved in our national work in the areas of Migration, Historical Memory and Sustainability. 

  • Donate to MASCP. 93% of your donation goes to support projects in El Salvador.

Volunteer to:

  •  Help set up and sell embroidery from Arcatao at annual winter fairs.

  •  Help transport and set up Stations of the Struggle at area churches.                                 

  • Provide occasional translation of materials into Spanish.

  •  Transport handicraft items from El Salvador.

  • Help plan/execute annual Monsignor Oscar Romero remembrance in March.

  • Write thank yous for donations.

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