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Welcome to the Chalate Arts Online Market for the

Madison Arcatao Sister City Project

Women in Arcatao organized the Ana Elsy Embroidery and Sewing Cooperative many years ago while rebuilding their small town that had been leveled by civil war.  The coop members sew a variety of garments and linens and then decorate them with traditional embroidered designs.  Madison Wisconsin residents make up a large percentage of their business each year and our ability to continue to support their work in our sister city is thanks to your patronage!


The women in the Ana Elsy Cooperative charge a fair price for their beautiful work taking into account the cost of their materials and the time they put into each item. They also maintain a small building for their supplies and add on a percentage for the upkeep of that building. They work together every afternoon and share the profits among the group.  Madison volunteers sell their products at local fairs and online without profit so that all proceeds go back to the women.


We welcome payment through PayPal.  Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to ship items so we’re asking that you pick up your order at the Madison home of one of our members near Midvale and the beltline. You will get the specific address with your order confirmation. If your order tallies more than $50, someone in MASCP would be happy to deliver your things to you.


Thank you for supporting Madison's sister city work!  The talented women in the Ana Elsy Embroidery Coop in Arcatao thank you, too!!

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