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Raise the Roof!

Arcatao’s community early childhood center is in critical need of important repairs.

 Welcome to the Madison Arcatao Sister City Project (MASCP) website. MASCP is the organization in Madison Wisconsin, USA that facilitates the official sister city relationship between Madison and Arcatao, El Salvador, a small town in the mountains on the border of El Salvador and Honduras. Read on to learn about our history, current activities and how you can get involved.

For 36 years we have learned from our sisters and brothers in our sister city of Arcatao the harrowing experiences of war. We have learned about killing, destruction of homes and hearts, forced fleeing, families broken apart by disappearance of loved ones and so many other ravages of war. 


There is much similarity between Ukrainians fighting valiantly for their right to self determination, democracy and territorial integrity and our sister and brothers in El Salvador, Palestine and Syria fighting for the same--all against those with massive wealth, power and formidable armies.


People to people solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Arcatao demands that we stand with the people of Ukraine as they resist the larger forces of killing and destruction by oppressive powers.


¡Los pueblos unidos jamás serán vencidos! 

Dear Friends of MASCP,


Our dear Sue Lloyd was a faithful, constant and important member of MASCP for over 20 years. Her quiet participation contributed immensely to organizing both here in Madison and El Salvador and particularly in our Sister City of Arcatao.


Sue gladly hosted many, many Salvadoran visitors in her home together with her husband Art. She participated in guiding our MASCP group to think about how to best do organizing while recognizing the importance of creating community to cross borders always remembering that we are human beings. She showed us how to enjoy learning from each other and then act on all of our joint learnings.


Sue not only believed in changing unjust systems that oppress so many humans, but actually lived her commitment to social and economic justice. She is a mentor to so many of us and will continue to live on as she inspires us and “tells” us the right thing to do in critical, difficult situations. She will guide us in the pursuit of social justice and the creation of true democracy.


¡Compañera Sue Lloyd, presente!


Sue Lloyd with Mary Kay Baum. Both women played pivotal roles in the founding of MASCP. Joan Laurion took this photo at MASCP's 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2011.

Sue Lloyd 2.png

Sue Lloyd, Joan Laurion, Carolyn Gantner, Kathy Walsh. Amy Lynn Schereck captured this shot of the four women working the MASCP booth at the 2009 Fair Trade Fair in Madison.

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Susan S. Lloyd died on February 3, 2022. She was 86 years old. Sue was a long-time supporter of US-Latin America solidarity work. Alongside her husband, the Reverend Art Lloyd (whom she married in 1960), she played afoundational role in the formation of multiple organizations and movements in the Madison, Wisconsin, area. These included Community Action on Latin America, the Wisconsin Interfaith Committee on Latin America, and Sanctuary. Sue was active for decades on the boards of the Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua and the Madison-Arcatao Sister City Project.

Sue and Art Lloyd

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MASCP shares in the outpouring of grief for the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others killed by police across the country and here in Madison. People in Arcatao have shown us that any structural change requires dynamic and unrelenting community organizing.  We strongly encourage support for the organizations that are leading local protests and organizing against structural racism and police brutality. Please stay vigilant and act where you can to make structural change a reality. 

¡La lucha sigue!